Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Brokeback Mountian

I didn't mention it - but i saw the movie a few weeks back.

I didn't make it out to see it at one of the first releases at one of the "Artsy" movie theaters, but instead saw it at a big chain theater, AMC. The movie was very good, but I can't help to wonder if one of the reasons the movie is getting all the attention is because of it's hot male on male sex scenes.

I mean does the fact that the movie stands against everything that the conservitive religious right wants you to think about gays give the media and hollywood the extra incentive needed to keep pushing this movie into the spotlight? Don't get me wrong - I like the movie, and I am very happy to see a gay themed movie getting recognition that seems to be based a lot more on the reality of most gay people's lives than the Will and Grace/Queer as Folk/Six Feet Under shows portrayals of gays. I just wonder if the same caliber of acting with a traditional male/female relationships would have made such a buzz.


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