Monday, January 16, 2006


Took a little road trip to Chicago this weekend. Michigan Avenue sure is a site to see in the evenings, trees all lit up, city streets filled with people. St. Louis at night is basically dead.

I wonder what the secret was that Chicago figured out and St. Louis couldn't. Chicago's downtown area is largely clean and well kept. I didn't see a single building that was boarded up or run down looking. The only time I've seen people downtown St. Louis after dark, unless it's the bars on the landing, is when there is a sporting event in town.

Stopped by Ikea on the way home. Ok, that makes it sound like I stopped by, as if i just ran into 7-11 and grabbed a big gulp. If you haven't been to an Ikea, you are missing out. They have just about anything and everything you can imagine as far as home decorating/design stuff.

You should have seen my last trip to Ikea. I bought a King Size Bed and Mattress - which isn't a huge deal - except at the time the closest Ikea was in Schaumburg, IL, and I live in outside St. Louis, MO. That means I strapped the mattress to the bed of my pickup, and drove nearly 300 miles home. I've got pictures of it - I'll try to get them posted up here at some point.


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