Wednesday, January 25, 2006




Let's see, as I write this I am still clinging onto my twenties. Barely. But that doesn't bother me that much.

I was born and raised outside of St. Louis, Missouri. I went to High School at Northwest, in House Springs.

I pretty much hated it. I was the eternal procrastinator - and to some degree still am (thanks, mom), I did just what I needed to do to keep pretty decent grades. I was a band geek, had a decent circle of friends - wasn't popular by any means. I didn't like school, probably becasue I was bored through a lot of it. I was able to coast through most of school with minimal studying.

I went to college right out of high school - after a couple of years at Southwest Missouri State University, which has since changed its name, I got a decent summer job working at an ISP - and quickly realized that I was learning more at work that I was at school. I transfered to University of Missouri, St. Louis graduating with my BSBA with an emphasis in MIS.

It took me nearly 7 years to finish college, working full time and taking classes, but I was able to muddle through and finish. I have made plenty of sacrafices to get to where I am, but make no mistake - I've also been blessed with a bit of luck. I'm lucky my parents were positive role models and made education a priority. That's not all that I've been lucky about, but I don't even know you that's all the free info you get today.

So that's a little about my past. Not the most interesting - no abuse or crime. My upbringing has been VERY white bread. Stay tuned, maybe I'll fill you in on my post-college activities...


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