Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Oh My God, Pilates hurts....

So I took this pilates class tonight after class at my gym. Umm, ouch... The Nazi instructor kicked my ass.

I've never taken a class at the gym before, but I was feeling exceptionally lazy at lunch and skipped my normal run (for the record I usually try to hit the gym at lunch time at least 3-4 days a week -- some weeks I do better than others) So I was feeling lazy today and hungry at lunch, so instead of a running, I went out and had a meatball sub -- balls of meat, cheese, sauce, white bread -- how can you go wrong?!?

Afterward I was feeling guilty about being lazy, so I decided to hit the gym after the after work. This was my first pilates class. I was one of 4 guys in the class - which wouldn't be bad if the class didn't have like 50 people in it. -- By the way, if the girl in front of me in class happens across this - I can't imagine wearing white stretch pants and a black thong to do pilates is comfortable -- and I'm sure I didn't really need to see it.

Anyway - I'm feeling pretty good about making myself go to that class. It really was tough. I am going to be hurting tomorrow I'm betting.


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